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Jessica Nigri as Teemo

I was talking to someone I knew about this. He presented me the page, saying it was a bad Teemo cosplay. I don’t play League of Legends, but I’ve heard about characters from friends that do play, and I’ve heard about Teemo. I know what he looks like. After looking up an image to see if she had made some major flaw in the design, I saw that she had all the basic aesthetics: Red neck ruff/scarf, the hat, goggles, shorts, blowdart, blue part on the hat, gloves, white fur, boots, and the telescope.

I asked him, after listing that and saying it was accurate as far as details went, the response I receive is “NO NO IT ISN’T TEEMO IS A BOSOM IN THAT PICTURE” so I realize it came down to her breasts, like I thought it did. I said she can’t control the fact that she has an ample bosom, and maybe she just didn’t want to wear a fursuit. But he said that she could’ve just dressed as somebody else, and used her popularity as a cosplayer as the reason why people didn’t condone her Teemo Cosplay.

To him, I said, “Cosplay is not about being who you can look like, it’s about dressing up as who you want to dress like.” But that wasn’t good enough. The response I received was “I just feel like she took the chance to dress as a slut because that’s kinda the image she’s created.”

To be honest, I don’t care that she did a busty Teemo. That doesn’t make it a bad cosplay. He, after I went over how that doesn’t make her a slut, claims that she doesn’t capture the soul of Teemo because she’s not covered in fur.

Seeing as I’m not a League player, can I have some outside opinions on this, too?